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Our unrelenting focus on safety has given us the unique opportunity to call ourselves experts in it standards of window cleaning safety. According to the American National Standards Institute OSHA I-14 standard, building owners and managers have a requirement to provide the safety of permanently installed tie backs, 15 degrees from a window washer's horizontal support lines. This is a rule that applies to both bosuns chairs work and work requiring swing stage.

On November 17, 2016 OSHA published the new regulations and final rule to Walking Working Surfaces 1910.27 Subpart D.  These new regulations became effective January 20, 2017 and have compliance deadlines that must be met by both building owners and contractors. Contact Us Today if you have any questions.

What is required of the Building Owner:

  • Building owners are to identify, test, certify and maintain roof anchorages capable of supporting at 5000 lbs. in any direction they are loaded for each worker attached.
  • Certification of each anchorage must be done by a qualified person and at least every 10 years.
  • Inspection of each anchorage must be done by a qualified person annually.

What is required of the Contractor:

  • Contractors using rope descent systems (RDS) are required to obtain written confirmation from the building owner that the anchorage points used for rigging such systems have been identified, tested, certified and maintained so they are capable of supporting 5000lb in any direction they are loaded per each worker attached
  • The enforcement of this regulation and compliance deadline, which is a shared responsibility between the contractor and building owner, shall begin on November 20, 2017.
  • Program One has done it's part to comply with these regulations by educating our employees on how to identify and avoid fall hazards while on a walking or working surface and providing continued training in the use, care and inspection of all the equipment outlined in the new regulations.

If you are not sure if your building complies with these new regulations contact ProgramOne today 847-298-5953 and we can help.