Parking Lot & Shopping Center Sweeping

Our service speaks for itself. We provide, quite possibly, the best parking lot cleaning programs in the industry. In addition to onsite management and regular inspections, we provide all of our parking lot cleaning and maintenance employees with telephones equipped with a GPS tracking system and digital cameras to take photos of each site they service. This technology allows us to verify the locations of our employees and the time they spend at each job resulting in maximum labor efficiency ultimately resulting in some of the most competitive pricing in our industry.
Our fleet of vehicles operates 365 days a year to assure that your property is cleaned each and every morning patrons arrive. In addition to regular cleaning, our employees are trained to inspect each property we service for graffiti, bulk items, lighting, damage or wear and tear of customers property and anything else out of the ordinary. Any items that require additional service are reported to you (the customer) with a per occurrence cost to correct each problem. These inspections and reports are performed free of charge to all properties which require daily, weekly or monthly cleanings.
Further, we have the resources necessary to provide any follow up, emergency or general maintenance service required during regular business hours.

       Comitted to Industry
         E X C E L L E N C E

Our employees are trained to clean your entire property, including sidewalks, landscaping, changing trash liners, maintaining dumpster corals and machine sweeping where necessary.

Daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal sweeping of office building parking lots and garages to major shopping centers, retail and grocery store parking lots.

We provide consistent management and documented inspections of all of our sites which means you don’t have to. Our policy on quality is that if our customer needs to check our work then they don’t need our services.