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The American National Standards Institute I-14.1, safety standard for window cleaning was published October 25th 2001.

What does this mean?
 The ANSI I-14 identifies accepted safe practices for window cleaning.
 OSHA refers to the I-14 standard when citations are written after a suspended work accident is investigated.
 According to the standard building owners and managers are required to provide permanently installed and identified tie backs no more than 15 degrees from perpendicular from a workers horizontal support lines. This rule applies to both bosuns chairs work and work requiring a swing stage. Further, these anchors are required to be certified every 10 years and inspected annually.
 In most cases buildings do not comply due to an insufficient number or improperly spaced anchors installed during the buildings initial construction.
 Program One can provide a roof top evaluation of your building to determine whether or not your existing fall protection equipment meets the requirements of this standard.